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2009 Annual Clovis British Classic Car Show
British Cars Roundup
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Annual Clovis British Classic Car Show
Story, Photos, and Slideshow by JoAnne Green
October 12, 2009

British Cars RoundupA gorgeous Sunday accompanied by cool sunny weather in the middle of October made charming Old Town Clovis a perfect place for the members of the Valley British Auto Club to gather and show various models of classic British cars during the Clovis Antiques and Collectibles Fair on October 11, 2009.

On the second weekend in October of each year, many British car enthusiasts around the Central Valley of California hold their annual Clovis British Car Roundup.

This year, club members started on Saturday in Clovis and drove their British cars as a group tour through the Sierra Foothills. They returned to Clovis at noon for lunch at the future site of the Clovis Valley Nature & Education Center.

On Sunday, all participants brought their cars to the entrance of the show at 7th St. and Clovis Ave between 9-10 a.m. was on hand to photograph the car owners and their cars which were parked in assigned areas by marquee and model.

It was such a great treat for fair goers to see so many beautiful classic British cars in various models and colors lined up both sides of the streets of our Old Town Clovis.

On display were cars made by Austin, Bentley, DeLorean, Jaguar, Healey, Lotus, MINI Cooper (Old and New), MG, Rolls Royce, Morris, Triumph, and Riley. Besides the beauty of cars themselves, the pride of the car owners in their exhibits and in their skill of restoration on their cars were also vividly displayed through their enthusiasm and by the attentive care they gave to their vehicles.

It was a splendid Clovis British Car Roundup!

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Meet Our Publisher
JoAnne Green, Editor/Publisher
Clovis resident for 30 years

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Annual Clovis British Classic Car Show


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