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Clovis, City of Churches
By JoAnne Green

a church in Clovis, CAWhen it comes to places of worship, Clovis is truly a city of churches. There are edifices, large and small, of many different religions in Clovis and the surrounding area with interesting and inviting church architecture, both classical and modern.

It is fascinating just to drive around Clovis and look at all of the different churches throughout the town. You will soon find out that Clovis is a faith-oriented community and home to many different places of worship, with many beautifully designed churches, temples, and synagogues.

Whether your faith is Anglican or Roman Catholic or Orthodox or Baptist or Methodist or Buddhist or Sikh or Episcopal or Evangelical or Foursquare or Lutheran or Latter-day Saint or Congressional or Messianic Jewish or Baha'i or Seventh-Day Adventist or Jehovah's Witness or Presbyterian or Pentecostal or United Church of Christ or New Thought or Islam or Salvation Army or one of the many other faiths represented in our community, you will be delighted to find a congregation of your faith to worship with while you're in Clovis.

Clovis has absolutely no shortage of places of worship for locals and visitors. 

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Listings of Places of Worship


Clovis is what every small town aspires to be
when it grows up!

Meet Our Publisher
JoAnne Green, Editor/Publisher
Clovis resident for 30 years

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