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6 Easy Holiday Decor Ideas to Impress Your Guests
Published November 30, 2015

photo of Christmas tree by JoAnne Green

Whether you’re planning an extravagant party or simply hosting a few family members, the stress of the holiday season can easily become overwhelming. With your busy schedule and full to-do list, the key to successful entertaining is to keep it simple.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably breaking out your traditional holiday decorations — but why not take it up a notch this year? Here are some easy ideas to instantly rejuvenate your home, wow your guests and create a welcoming environment:

Restyle your shelves

If the shelves in your living or dining room are full of books and baskets the rest of the year, take a moment to de-clutter. Stash those everyday items away and replace them with elegant holiday décor like pretty dishes, serving pieces or china you’re not already using on the dinner table. You can also sneak in pops of color with ornaments and sprigs of pine.

Wow your guests with new window treatments

Dressing up your windows is an easy way to give a room a fresh look, just in time for company to arrive. Consider motorized window coverings for comfort and convenience, as well as energy savings. Your holiday budget will appreciate it year after year. Combined with timers and sensors, your draperies and blinds will adjust automatically, while you enjoy your company. With the myLink(tm) app from Somfy, you can use your tablet or smartphone to control your window treatments while at home or away. Create the perfect sunrise or sunset scenery with a built in clock that adjusts daily, optimizing the natural light in your home. For more information on motorization, visit

Create a cheerful greeting display

Don’t just stuff all those holiday cards in a drawer or basket — show off your favorites in a festive way. Weave a colorful ribbon along the banister of your staircase or a blank wall and use clips or clothespins to string them throughout. When guests come over, they’ll love seeing themselves featured in your display.

Balance your color palette

While bright red and green tend to be the favored holiday hues, this color scheme isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself shying away from these colors, opt for metallic tones like silver, gold and bronze. These shades bring warmth and cheer to a room without taking away from your existing décor.

Dazzle with lights

Less is more when it comes to sophisticated holiday lights. If you tend to have more guests to your home during the holidays, it’s important to keep your walkways and paths brightly lit, especially if you’re in an icy climate. Spread a few strands of lights along the shrubs or smaller trees that line the path up to your front door to guide your guests safely into your home.

Bring warmth with a fancy fireplace

A fireplace is the finishing touch to a cozy winter living room scene. Not only does it add warmth, it also creates an alluring and inviting environment. An insert fireplace is a great addition to your home, whether you want to build new or replace your current fireplace for a more energy efficient option.

Dress your home to impress this holiday season. These décor tips will have your guests in awe the moment they walk through the door.

(Source: BPT)

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